Simplified and Universal Access: Medical Software on Raspberry Pi for Challenging Environments

Simplified and Universal Access: Medical Software on Raspberry Pi for Challenging Environments


Our medical platform stands out for its flexibility in installation, making it accessible even in extremely challenging environments with intermittent internet connections. In this article, we will explore how the software is incredibly easy to install on compact devices like Raspberry Pi, allowing for independent installations and internet access. Each installation will automatically expose both the API and two web-based applications optimized for patients and medical administration, presenting itself as a cohesive and comprehensive software.

  1. Easy Installation on Raspberry Pi and Challenging Environments

Our medical management software is designed to be highly versatile and easily installable on compact devices like Raspberry Pi. Thanks to its optimized design, the installation can be completed quickly and without the need for expensive hardware resources. This feature is crucial for extending access to healthcare in remote areas or environments with limited resources, where the technological infrastructure might be limited or unreliable.

  1. Standalone Installations and Intermittent Internet Connection

Our medical software allows for the creation of standalone installations, making healthcare facilities completely independent of continuous internet connectivity. Information is processed and stored locally, enabling continued usage even in the absence of a connection. This is particularly important in rural areas or emergency situations where internet access may not always be guaranteed.

  1. Online Access through a Unified Composite Platform

Despite the local and independent installation, each instance of the medical management software will present itself as part of a unified composite platform on the internet. This means that every healthcare facility will have the ability to access research data and contributions from the "Healthcare Free and Shared Database" through public APIs, facilitating collaboration among different healthcare facilities.

  1. Web Applications Optimized for All Uses

The installation will automatically expose two web-based applications: one for patients and the other for medical administration. Both applications are designed to ensure maximum usability on both mobile and desktop devices, allowing patients to access their information and medical professionals to manage every aspect efficiently and securely, regardless of the device used.


Our medical platform is committed to bringing healthcare to new levels of accessibility and user-friendliness. Thanks to the simple installation on compact devices like Raspberry Pi and the ability to create standalone installations, our medical management software is suitable even for extremely challenging environments with limited internet connectivity. Each installation will present itself as part of a composite platform on the internet, ensuring collaboration and access to research data. Additionally, the optimized web applications offer a seamless and intuitive user experience for both patients and medical administration. We are excited to contribute to healthcare innovation by enabling widespread access to medical care for everyone, regardless of their location.

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