Secure Med Dbase

Secure Med Dbase

distributed 'grid' structure

each dbase can communicate with another through a rest structure in order to create a single large dbase that can operate over both lan and geographic networks, enabling the avoidance of data allocation in a single physical location

Data structure

the general part contains all the data but purged of any personal information so as to obtain a consistent but anonymized database.

For example:

  • place of birth will be replaced by a generic definition of geographic area. 
  • the date of birth will be replaced by the simple year of birth
  • first and last name will be replaced by a random first and last name

the encrypted part will instead contain the real data but saved using an asymmetric elliptic key encryption





for each piece of data entered to db, it is possible to create an obfuscator, which is nothing more than a module capable of reading the individual piece of information to generate an anonymized version:

  • the city will be replaced with a geographic area
  • the name will be randomly generated,
  • etc.

patient key


each patient has a public key and a private key

the public key is issued in order to encrypt the data when it is entered and is saved at the same time as the patient information

whenever information is saved it is filtered, a part is filtered and saved as if it were in a normal dbase, the actual unfiltered data is saved encrypted using the public key.

each read occurs they release a private key (to be able to read the data) and a new public key to save the data again after reading it


general architecture




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